Oak Hill, Massachusetts is situated on a landform, known since the mid-17th century, as Oak Hill.

Village Amenities

Today, Oak Hill is mainly known for having Oak Hill Park, a post WWII subdivision of approximately 400 homes built on a gravel quarry for the returning GI’s. The Oak Hill Park development coincided with expansion in housing in various areas of Newton following the war, and was geared toward creating affordable housing for the returning veterans. Oak Hill is also home to Newton South High School, one of the two Newton high schools. Also a local favorite to look for is Oak Hill Pizza, offering locals and visitors delicious pizzas and an assortment of entrees!

Public Transportation

Oak Hill is serviced by the MBTA Green Line “D” Branch with stops including Woodland, Riverside and Newton Centre.

Fun Fact

Many of these original houses still exist today, but most of them have been replaced with newer,larger houses.

ZIPCODE NOTES: The 02459 zipcode includes Thompsonville, Oak Hill, Oak Hill Park, and Newton Centre.