The house we live in is an investment, for most of us, one of the biggest investments in our portfolio. Our investment in our home is different than any other investment because this is the one that offers you the quality of life you deserve. Unlike stocks and bonds, you can fall in love with a house. This is why buying real estate is often wrought with emotion. Before you embark on your next real estate adventure, be prepared

Get ready to meet your opportunity house.

Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

  1. Be intentional and set your goals and priorities.
  2. Know that a house is an investment, different than other investments it is the one that offers you the quality of life you deserve.
  3. Be prepared to make confident decisions.


Find a real estate professional who will help you articulate your goals (and remind you about them later.) Find a savvy, experienced lender or financial planner who will help you set your price range (Your Realtor can help you.) Rely on your professional team to give you the insights necessary to make confident decisions.

Seth Godin has some great advice about real estate investment.

“Investments don’t always take cash. They often require our effort, our focus, or our commitment. And the good ones always seem like they take too much, until later, when we realize what a bargain that effort would have been…

The challenge isn’t in finding an overlooked obvious bargain that people didn’t notice. The challenge is in learning to tell the difference between the ones that feel overpriced and the ones that actually are.” ~Seth’s Blog

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