Yesterday I went to buy a new pair of slippers. I wanted slippers with good arch support.  The Barn, my go-to shoe store in Newton, was short on supply in sizes and styles. So I went on-line and found many styles and sizes were on backorder. More desirable products were priced higher.

The Washington Post reports a “pandemic of broken toes…calluses, tendonitis, and heel pain.”

The bottom line is the demand for slippers with arch support is high, supply is down, and prices are rising.

Every day, buyers are competing for houses, single-family, and condominiums. Location is a factor and the geographic range is shifting.

A Middlesex Market Review3-21 (below) illustrates the story of decreased inventory and appreciating prices.

The bottom line is the supply of houses for sale is at a historic low and prices are escalating at an unpredictable rate.

Whether you’re thinking of selling or not, you owe it to yourself to know the value of your home.

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Middlesex County Area Market Review
2021 vs. 202 As of March 2, 2021
Prepared by Janet Porcaro
Source: 2021 MLS Property Information Network, Inc.