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Visit the Newton North Greengineers on June 5 between 12 and 5 pm and witness cutting edge education in action!

Visit the Newton North Greengineers on June 5 between 12 and 5 pm and witness cutting edge education in action!

SamShamesNNHSSeniorNo, this is not an alien. This is Sam Shames suited up in his “Personal Protective Equipment,” better known as PPE around the shop. “Stay Safe!” says NNHS English Teacher Stephen Chinosi. First thing students have to do is to run through a safety course before entering this exciting science and enginerring program. Sam is working his Senior Project to build a better biodeisel reactor–better being more efficient, easier to use, and safer. Better because the students at North are already producing biodeisel fuel from the recycled cooking oil from the school cafeteria. Not quite like your average high school science project as I remember! I have to admit, I thought the Bunsen Burner was exciting.

There is more. Newton North students are also fortunate to be on the cutting edge by participating in the Mobile Algae Lab. With assistance from “Save that Stuff” and MIT Sea Grant, the Greengineers will work with the 53 foot trailer that houses the a mobile lab. The lab will eventually be a teaching model for cutting edge science and technology curriculum for regional schools. At North, students are already experimenting with algae production which is used to feed fish. I would say more but I’m already challenging my spell check. This is exciting stuff and you can read more on the Greegineers site. Questions:  greengineers1@gmail.com.


Greengineering 101Newton North is a comprehensive school that incorporates Technology Education. On Saturday, June 5, from 1 to 5 pm, the Newton Community is invited to say good bye to the old North building in an exciting celebration, “Bringing Down the House.” Stop by and tour the Lab.


Left to right students Brendan Hathaway and Sam Shames with teacher Stephen ChinosiGreenengineers





Sam Shames with his Senior ProjectSam with his senior project

Lisa Monahan, Architect Turned Artist at Newton Open Studios

Lisa Monahan, Architect Turned Artist at Newton Open Studios

Lisa Monahan, Architect Turned Artist at Newton Open Studios
Contact: info@switchgearkit.com

Combination 2Snappy SwitchGear™ Kits are Designed for Endless Possibilities!Lisa Monahan

Lisa Monahan has been working as a metalsmith for the past 15 years. She uses her creative talents tocraft beautiful jewelry andCombination3 sculptured wall art. To many her most interesting work is her line of hoops, loops and necklaces in her patent pending product called SwitchGear™ Kits. Each kit makes 100+ EarringCombinationscombinations and is a gift of creativity that keeps on giving! The earrings are light weight and comfortable and come in a variety of materials from copper, silver, gold, semiprecious stones and vintage pieces. Combinationmore One SwitchGearKitthing we can be sure of in this world is change. These clever little kits are made for todays world. Depending on what you wear or even how youCombination5 feel, you can design your earrings to suit your outfit and your mood. 😉 Snappy SwitchGear™ Kits are designed for endless possibilities.

Like many people, Lisa Monahan, has switched from her former career as architect to become a metalist,  jewelry designer, and entrepreneur.  And Lisa gives back. Every SwitchGear™ Kit sold supports survivors of domestic violence. Lisa is a ‘gem’ in our community!

Newton Open Studios – Retired Surgeon Works in Pastels

Newton Open Studios – Retired Surgeon Works in Pastels

Newton Open Studios – Retired Surgeon Works in PastelsEdward Friedman pastels

email: efried@massmed.org

The pastel collection was at the Villa Villekulla in West Newton MA. Dr. Friedman retired from his position as surgeon at the Beth Israel Hospital in 1999. He then launched his career as an artist by taking classes at MassArt http://www.massart.edu/. He especially expresses gratitude for his pastel teacher, Janet Monafohttp://www.artistsguilds.com/paintings/JanetMonafo.htm

Pastel is a direct and chemically uncomplicated medium which offers wonderful lush color, great flexibility and permanence.” ~ Janet Monalfo

Pastels for me are associated with a certain gentility much like the good doctor. Doesn’t he look like he is sitting in a villa in Italy? Dr. Friedman

Don’t Miss Newton Open Studios

Don’t Miss Newton Open Studios

Newton Open Studios – May 15, 16 2010 The Bachelor
City-wide Event Showcasing the Works of Local Artists and Craftspeople

Scattered throughout the villages of Newton, local artists and craftspeople invite guests to view and purchase their work which includes painting, photography, mixed media, jewelry, historic maps of our community, furniture, and more. Download the pdf brochure here.

If you are thinking of moving to Newton, or have questions about the different villages, this is a great opportunity to get a flavor of the neighborhoods and enjoy the wide range of cultural talents that makes Newton a desirable community.

“The Bachelor” pictured at left is from Patty Simon’s 2009 installation called “What is Love.”

Read my blog from last May.

This year, Patty is reinventing her work with  “You are Loved” Mixed Media Installation.

It is truly a family affair at the Simon’s. This year Dick Simon will present his photography.

Syria: Faces from “The Axis of Evil”

Newton Open Studios

Saturday, May 15 – Sunday, March 16


219 Lake Avenue

Newton Highlands, MA

Be sure to visit the website where you can design your own tour with an interactive map. Click here.

Second Appearance – a Cheerful Consignment Shop

Second Appearance – a Cheerful Consignment Shop

Second Appearance – a Cheerful Consignment Shop
801 Washington Street
Newtonville, MA 02460
(617) 527-7655

Everyone loves to find a bargain, a hidden gem, a designer label at a bargain price. Nothing like a new top to freshen up your wardrobe. Notice the green dress in the window–it is a designer original (I won’t say which one.) Stop in and ask proprietor, Sue Wilkin. She is friendly and full of fashion sense.

The store is well organized, artful and arranged beautifully with carefully selected pieces. Long established in the Newton community, the consignment has been in Newtonville for over 35 years. Sue has run the business for the past 8 years. Her business system is computerized with a database called ConsignPro. The way it works is when you bring in an item, Sue enters it into her system and gives you a 60 day contract. If the item is sold, the split is 60/40 with 60% going to the shop. If the item is not sold or picked up by the pickup date, it is donated to Second Step or the MSPCA. Sue Wilkin, Second AppearanceIt’s all good here.

So please do some spring cleaning. Clean out your closets. You will feel so much better. Take time to support a wonderful local business and do something nice for yourself.

Healthy local businesses are vital to our social capital. The press is constantly reminding us of the bad things that happen. Don’t loose site of the good things happening right around the corner.

This shop is a local gem. I dropped into Sue’s shop for about 15 minutes and there were quite a few smiling faces pulled in by the beautiful window display. Prosperity is a good thing and it isn’t just about the cash. Orange is the new black

“Friendship make prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.” ~Cicero

Fabulous blouse at Second Appearance









Orange is the new black!

Read more about Newtonville, MA at www.YourNewtonMove.com where you can search for Newtonville homes.