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January 2010 - JANET PORCARO

Specialty Asian Food Shop in Newtonville MA

Specialty Asian Food Shop in Newtonville MA

Jin Mi Co.,
Specialty Asian Food Shop
313 Walnut Street
Newtonville MA

Jin Mi translates to “Truly Delicious”. This is a very good name for one of my favorite foods shops in Newton. You can find many Asian foods and condiments in the delightful shop. There are many fresh produce items like bean sprouts, ginger, baby bok choy, and lemon grass. The freezer case is stocked with delicious variations of dumplings and raviolis.

I love cooking and eating Asian food because it is both healthy and delicious. My pantry is always stocked with the necessary condiments for a decent stir fry. My son is learning to stir fry and made an amazing stir fry pork a couple of weeks ago. He put in little shitake mushrooms at the end which picked up all the flavors. Jin Mi Co

I bought my wok and most of the ingredients at Jin Mi Co. Mr. Chough Cho is the owner and proprietor and will answer any questions you might have about how to cook certain items. In a time when I have seen one small business after another fade away to the chains we all love to hate, Mr. Cho’s shop is a hidden gem. Please go there and cook Chinese often. Let’s keep him in business. If you are looking for a gift, browse the lovely selection of ceramics, pottery, teapots, woks, and more.

If you don’t know how to cook Chinese, this is a great time to learn. In this economy, eating at home is the new cool. Jin Mi Co Newtonville MAI taught myself to cook Chinese with the help of Nina Simonds, author of A Spoonful of Ginger, and several other asian cookbooks. She has a terrific video blog if you want to explore this cuisine. See http://spicesoflife.com/. If you love sushi, Mr. Wong has a great sushi cookbook and there’s no time like the present to try something new.

Want an easy and delicious dinner? Check out this recipe for Chicken in plum sauce from the Smoky Mountain Cafe. Fabulous! I bumped into this great blog while searching for a chicken stir fry recipe with plum sauce. I never found it but the Smoky Mountain Cafe recipe for plum sauce chicken thighs was a yummy alternative.

Read more about Newtonville, MA at www.YourNewtonMove.com where you can search for Newtonville homes.

I only came for one book!

I only came for one book!

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New England Mobile BookfairThe tag line for New England Mobile Book Fair, “I only came for one book…” is perfect.  Since I was little and got my first library card I couldn’t get enough books to read. I love to read and a trip to the bookstore is my way of taking care of myself. It is better than taking a nap! I can never leave the Book Fair with just one book and I always get a bargain.

The Book Fair is one of the largest discount bookstores in New England. All books are at least 20% off every day, New York Times bestsellers are 30% off. The cookbook section is hard to resist especially when you see a best seller available at 40% off.

New England Mobile Book FareThe Book Fair has a unique layout. The front of the store has best sellers, best selling cookbooks and other featured books. The remainders section is full of out of print treasures. The tricky part is that each section is then organized by publisher which can be a little tricky. However, the excellent customer service is cheerfully available to help you navigate the store to find what you want. The ambiance is very practical with rows and rows of books. It reminds me of my home town library where I worked in the stacks for several years during high school and college. Once I get into the store, no matter how expedient I had hoped to be, I usually end up pulling up a stool somewhere with several books to browse in order to narrow down my selection.

While living in Cambridge for over 10 years, I grew to love independent bookstores. Harvard Square has two of my favorites. I love browsing the “staff picks” and I enjoy evaluating the “culture” of the particular shop. I love them for their differences and their uniqueness. Even when two major bookstore chains opened up shop in Newton in 1995, the Book Fair’s profits grew 10 percent that year.” (And they don’t even sell coffee!) Read more about the history of the New England Mobile Bookfair.

For 52 years, providing New England’s best book selection and prices.

New England Mobile Book Fair®

82-84 Needham Street
Newton Highlands, MA 02461
(617) 964-7440 or (617) 527-5817


Monday thru Friday:9:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturday:9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday:11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
Take a hike across the Pike to the new and improved YMCA

Take a hike across the Pike to the new and improved YMCA

Take a hike across the Pike to the new and improved YMCA

Janet PorcaroWhy I love the Y!

The West Suburban YMCA in Newton, MA has everything you need for a good workout. I couldn’t wait to try the amazing brand new fitness equipment just brought in to launch the New Year. I’ve tried the Steppers, the Arc Trainers, and the Elipticals and I feel it in new places. Some people were heard to complain about how hard the new machines were. Funny, I thought that was the idea!

Here I am on the Eliptical watching the Ellen Show. I’m getting a double hit of health with exercise and laughter. Read Norman Cousin’s book, Anatomy Of An Illness, about the power of the mind and laughter therapy. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laughter

Jane and Patrick

Jane Carroll, Fitness Directory and Patrick Palmer, President and CEO, ham it up on the new weight machines. Way to go, guys! Keep up the good work.

Another reason why I love Newton MA.

West Suburban YMCA

276 Church Street

Newton, MA 02458

(617) 244-6050

How We Attracted the Perfect Buyer for this Spacious Family Home in the Albemarle Neighborhood in Newton MA

How We Attracted the Perfect Buyer for this Spacious Family Home in the Albemarle Neighborhood in Newton MA

How We Attracted the Perfect Buyer for this Spacious Family Home in the Albemarle Neighborhood in Newton MA

If you were a buyer searching the Internet for your dream home, would this tag line attract you?

“Nine room home with over 2400 sq ft of living area located on a tree lined street in the desirable Albemarle neighborhood in Newton MA.”

Sounds nice on paper but would this pique your interest? Read on. “The rooms have good light and include five spacious bedrooms, two full baths, and three porches.” If we captured your attention so far, you probably want to see some pictures, right?

Looking at the pictures, (see below), you ask.

“Why the two front doors?”

An excellent question voiced by many. Here’s the brief: the home was at one time a two family. The sellers had reconfigured and updated the space for single family living. The renovations included a sparkling cook’s kitchen, but the plan to change the entrance from two doors to one was placed on the back burner as plans often are when babies are born and young families grow.

So back to the pictures…this beautiful home was vacant and photos of empty rooms do nothing for the space, not to mention the imagination.

Our challenge was to artfully stage the home. This is where my years in drama class pay off. With some materials left over from the move and a carload or two of stock items, we went to work. Our team had a blast filling the space with charm. The goal was to arrange the rooms with enough furniture to give a good sense of scale and some fun accessories to give it life. A game room, a blissful yoga retreat, a sunny reading nook fills the picture frame. Potential buyers were left with a warm and welcoming impression which paid off with a promising offer within ten days.

These types of low cost staging techniques along with high quality target marketing are just some of the ingredients to contribute to a recipe for success in selling a home. Go to www.JanetPorcaro.net for more staging pictures.

Auburndale Home Front Door



Newton Celebrates Mayor Setti Warren’s Inauguration

Newton Celebrates Mayor Setti Warren’s Inauguration

Newton Celebrates Mayor Setti Warren’s Inauguration

The the Inaugural festivities, Newton Coming Together, was a series of upbeat events with an emphasis on community service and neighborhood pride. Judging from the excellent attendance, citizens saw this as a welcome opportunity to celebrate together.

One of the greatest qualities of our fine city has always been an overriding committment to the common good. Newton is one of the larger cities in Massachusetts with a population of over 80,000 informally organized by neighborhoods which make up the villages of Newton. With these villages come the advantages of small neighborhood schools along with the luxury of economies of scale. The Newton Celebration was typical most city-wide events, and even smaller scaled celebrations, because many local organizations and businesses contributed. This outstanding attitude reflects a spirit of unity despite the many challenges facing our city.

For more photos of the events, see http://www.settiwarren.com/.


Mayor Setti Warren and Newton's FinestMayor Setti Warren with Sargent Geary and Officer Steven Dempsey from the Newton Police Department.