Auburndale, Massachusetts, years ago known as “The Dale” to residents, is one of Newton’s 13 villages. Auburndale is located in northwestern Newton surrounded by 3 other Newton villages (West Newton, Waban, Newton Lower Falls) and neighbors the towns of Waltham and Weston.

Village Amenities

It is a quick 10-minute drive to the neighboring town of Waltham, MA and the bustling Moody Street, a thriving hip corridor with great restaurants like Margaritas, Garcia Brogans, and Playmakers Sports Bar and Grille. While Moody St. is a close go-to destination, Auburndale is known for being home to Lasell College. Lasell College brings a lot of diversity and liveliness to the area making Auburndale a charming and active village in Newton.


Located within the boundaries of Lasell College is Lasell Village, which is an upscale senior living community that, “invites you to think of retirement in a whole new way — with an emphasis on active, intellectually enriched living,” (Lasell Village). You will often see Lasell College and village residents sitting next to each other in college classes, learning from one another and weakening the generational gaps. Auburndale has a lot to offer and is a great area for all ages and even those looking to embark on their own new adventures. There is something for everyone in this village and it is definitely worth your while to check it out!

Auburndale Village Center

The quaint village center is dotted with local businesses and fun activities to take part in–a pivotal spot for great community events and informal gatherings. A few local businesses to check out in the village center include Tom’s Pizza a great sub and pizza shop, Wally’s Wicked Good Ice Cream Shop where you can get some dessert after eating at Tom’s and also many great clothing stores. You can also find the Auburndale Community Library tucked away here, offering a quiet spot to get away and read some great books.

Public Transportation

The MBTA system offers Commuter Rail, Bus, and Subway services all available in Auburndale. Subway service can be access at the Riverside or Woodland Station. Both have large parking lots for overnight parking and offer trains about every 10 minutes. The Commuter Rail travels from South Station in Boston to the last stop in Worcester.

Auburndale Public Transportation

Fun Fact

Originally known as Pigeonville, Auburndale was given its present name in 1845 by the Reverend C.D. Pigeon after whose family the village was presumably originally named.